The Sebago Dockside

There are some very simple reasons why the Sebago Dockside has remained the shoe of choice for so many loyal customers for weekends and holidays for more than half a century. Sebago certainly don’t skimp on quality and use the very finest leathers which means their shoes last an incredibly long time. In selling Sebago Docksides for over 25 years I don’t recall ever having received a returned pair with a split upper. The stitching may go in the odd place eventually but that can easily be rectified at the cobblers for little cost.

It is the traditional moccasin construction of the Sebago Dockside which makes the shoe so incredibly comfortable. With this type of construction, which goes back thousands of years, the upper leather is literally like a sock which envelopes your entire foot. This upper is then stitched directly onto the very flexible, durable, non-slip, and essentially, for the proud yachtsman, non-marking sole.

People rarely feed the leathers of their Sebago Docksides but somehow the shoes just seem to improve with age and develop that patina reminiscent of a wonderful old piece of much loved furniture.

It is for these reasons why Bradshaw and Lloyd has remained so loyal to supplying the Sebago Dockside for over 25 years. We are proud to offer one of the widest range of Sebago shoes in the south of England. Do visit www.bradshawandlloyd .com to view the latest collection.

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