Trickers boots

Trickers boots

The RE Tricker factory in Northampton is one of England’s oldest boot makers, having been making footwear on this same site since 1829. Trickers boots are some of the finest produced anywhere in the world today. They’re certainly not the cheapest at just over £400 per pair. But bearing in mind these boots are really well constructed and built to last they actually represent very good value. They’re not the sort of boots which you throw away after 5 years of abuse. Some regular shoe care and the input of a competent shoe repairer from time to time there is no reason why these boots shouldn’t last 20+ years of hard wear.


Trickers’ philosophy is to concentrate on the classic boot designs for which they have become world famous. And of these the derby 7 eyelet brogue ankle boot is their staple style. It’s the Trickers Stow and Malton styles which are most sort after. The boots are available in a number of upper leather and sole options to suit most tastes.


At Bradshaw & Lloyd we are pleased to be able to offer the entire range of Trickers boots. Stock is sourced directly from the factory so availability is pretty good. You can expect to receive you order within the UK within a couple of days of placing your order. Should a pair need to be returned for a size change we provide a free secure returns service.