Trickers shoes and boots

There is something really rather special about a pair of Trickers shoes. These really are hand made shoes in the very traditional sense of the word.  Absolutely no expense is spared by Trickers in order to provide the height of comfort, durability and elegance.
The Trickers pedigree goes back through 180 years to when the present Managing Director, Nick Barltrop’s great great grandfather Joseph Barltrop established this shoemaking dynasty in 1829. Then, as now, Trickers shoes were highly regarded and their techniques of shoe construction and the quality of materials used have hardly changed over the centuries.  A pair of Trickers shoes or boots will set you back nearly £400 pounds but they will last a very long time.  It is no exageration to highlight the fact that many a pair is passed down from father to son.

Trickers Keswick country brogue in c shade gorse calf

Leather is a marvellous material with which to make shoes and when sourced and then tanned correctly will perform fantastically.  Trickers is one of the very few factories left who continue to use oak bark tanned leather soles.  The reason for this is that when buying a new pair of shoes the public can rarely identify what type of leather has been used for the sole.  The price of a pair can therefore be reduced dramatically by using a cheaper and less hard wearing sole leather.  The burying of Trickers soles in a mixture of oak bark and acorns for over a year draws out tanins which will make the leather rock hard.  It has been proved by the footwear industry that such leathers wear at least three times as long as regular prime sole leather.
At Bradshaw and Lloyd we offer the entire 1829 and Country collection of Trickers shoes and boots.  When you make your order you will receive an option to claim either a fine pair of Trickers shoe trees, a cleaning kit in a leather pouch or a pair of galoshes.  These will help to keep your treasured shoes in prime condition.

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