Why shoe trees are important for maintaining your Loakes shoes.

Shoe trees are important for not only maintaining the shape of your shoes but absorbent wooden ones will have the added benefit of drawing moisture/perspiration from the shoe lining and insole.  With most Trickers, Sanders and Loakes shoes we include a free pair of excellent cedar wood adjustable trees in our prices. Cedar wood is particularly beneficial as it is one of the most aromatic of woods and will naturally deodorize your shoes in addition to drawing out moisture.

Feet do perspire an extraordinary amount during the course of the day. Sweat itself is in fact odourless but it can produce a suitable environment for bacteria to grow which themselves may produce smelly substances.  The wearing of cotton or wool socks is also advisable as they will help your feet to breathe.  Avoid polyester, nylon and other synthetic socks as these materials are not as breathable.

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