Barkers produce English shoes of superb quality. Barkers, like Loakes, are at the affordable end of the quality English shoe spectrum. They are famous for the rugged wearability and the large amount of hand-crafting that goes into the making of their shoes. Barkers shoes have the spirit of the North of England about them, well-made, with integrity and craftsmanship. Handsome and manly.

Until recently Barkers were famous as the traditionalists of the English shoe craftsmen. They excelled at producing shoes in the classic styles Oxfords and Derbys. Their moccasins and slip-ons are not as successful, looking a bit seventies. However, for classics, especially oxfords, they are hard to beat.

Recently Barkers have become more contemporary, with some very nicely designed modern shoes, with lighter styling and clever designs such as two-tone leather uppers, long-toed Derbys and unusual broguing. They also have a new shop in London’s financial district, which showcases many of their newer designs. Barkers are clearly aiming at the new designer shoe market, which is flourishing amongst London’s financiers.

Barker also have a recently launched US venture, Barker Black. Barker Black shoes showcase the superb craftsmanship of Barkers with classic shoe types in fine leathers. The collection appears to be aimed at stylish modern man who wants a shoe that he can wear both to work and for leisure. This collection includes some very racy monkstraps and a fine town-boot. In England, as far as I am aware, this collection is only available at Harrods.

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