Trickers are one of the oldest English shoemakers, originally founded in 1829. They have many similarities to Church’s. The difference is that Church’s are known world-wide, whereas Trickers are a bit of an English secret.

Trickers make the same classic shoes as the other shoemakers but their styling is more traditional, probably the most traditional. By comparison to the other brands listed here their shoes have a wider, heavier look to them and the leather feels more substantial, the soles feel heavier. Their Derby brogues are classic and absolutely beautiful, something else that they share with Church’s.

Only Trickers and Cheaney still produce a true country shoe. Trickers country shoe are a heavy, durable and very handsome Derby shoe (either plain or brogued) with strong and stylish stitching and double leather soles. These are must for outdoor events, especially in England, where weather is synonymous with rain.

The Trickers shop in Jermyn street is an experience of the best of English service, polite, informed and friendly. If you are a first-timer to quality English shoes these gentlemen will look after you, they did me when I first went there years ago. The secret of Trickers is often passed down from father to son and taking your son to buy a pair of shoes there is a bit of a coming-of-age ritual. A friend of mine, aged 18 was taken to Trickers by his father, and bought a pair of Chestnut Oxfords. They are now over twenty years old and, have aged beautifully and look wonderful.

Trickers shoes work well with country clothes, tweeds and woollens. They look superb with corduroys.

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