Cleaning suede Loake shoes

Suede and nubuck shoes have never been more popular.  They don’t require regular polishing and are immensely comfortable.  It therefore isn’t surprising that Tricker’s, Sanders and Loake shoes offer a huge range of style options.  However when they do mark suedes and nubucks can prove immensely difficult to clean.  It is therefore important to take some preventative action.

Prevention is better than a cure for maintaining the stunning looks of your suede Loake shoes.

You can treat suedes and nubucks with a protective spray which will help to repel liquids and therefore prevent stains.  On the Bradshaw & Lloyd website we offer Punch Instant Protector which, with regular use, will form an invisible breathable shield to repel water and guard against stains.
Once the stain has taken route in the leather it can be difficult to remove but there are a couple of weapons at your disposal.  We offer Punch Suede, Nubuck & Fabric cleaner as an aerosol.  Applied like a shampoo this will remove certain stains.  The second option is a suede cleaning block.  These are intended to crumble as they are rubbed across the surface of the suede and are highly effective in removing even deeply embedded dirt.
Once these treatments have been completed the nap of the suede may be restored by gentle use of a suede brush.  The bristles are invariably made of brass wire so use a gentle circular motion.
Below are some of the most popular Loake suede shoes:
Loake 1880:  Aldwych, Pimlico, Kempton.
Loake Evolution:  Rhodes
Loake Shoemakers:  Eton, 758,
Design Loake: Scott,
Lifestyle L1:  256,
Loake Lifestyle:  Skipton, Treviso, Kalahari,

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