Loake shoes and going sockless

With the British summer looking as if it might finally be here and holidays possibly booked for warmer climes you may be considering wearing your Trickers, Sanders, Sebago or Loake shoes without socks!  But there are certain sartorial considerations which should be taken into account before going sockless with long trousers:
1    The cuffs or hems of trousers should be kept fairly close.  As a rule of thumb a minimum of a 13 inch and maximum of a 15 inch circumference will do.
2    Avoid what are sometimes referred to as carrot cut trousers.  These are narrow at the cuff but baggy around the bottom.  This isn’t frankly a great look with shoes but without shoes and the look invariably achieves that of a medieval peasant.
3    Take a lead from the Italians in this area.  They tend to favour the slim cut chino which sits close around the bottom, slim around the calf and thigh and with a slight kick at the hem.  The trouser mustn’t be too long, ideally sitting around two inches above the shoe, thus exposing a little ankle.  Any higher than this and you are sporting ankle bashers.

There are some considerations in order to successfully go sockless.

4    Choose the right shoes.  Here the choice is between a loafer, a driving shoe or a deck shoe.  And with something like the Loake Brighton or Sebago Dockside you will be on the money.
5    The better tanned the ankle then the better the look.  If necessary resort to a little fake tan.
6    If it’s very hot and your feet are suffering get a pair of invisible socks.
7    Consider investing in some absorbant cedarwood shoe trees.  These will soak up sweat perspiration, help prevent bacterial growth and deodorise the shoes.
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