Dainite rubber soles

What are Dainite rubber soles?:DANITE RUBBER SOLE

Goodyear welted footwear is undoubtedly the finest method of shoe construction. You can replace the soles again and again without degrading the upper leather.  And no other method of shoe construction enables the sole, insole and upper to mould so well to fit the foot and produce extraordinary comfort.  However since its mass introduction during the early years of the 20th century the English shoemakers have found that the Dainite rubber sole can out perform traditional leather soles.

The Dainite rubber factory in Northamnptonshire got its name from the fact that production had to keep going day and night to meet the huge demands of WWI.  The rubber soles produced at this factory were found to be much harder wearing than leather, provided better traction and didn’t allow water to penetrate as leather soles do once they have worn very thin.

Dainite rubber soles have changed little since those early days and are still made with natural rubber. All the great English shoe makers use Dainite rubber soles and attach them via the Goodyear method of construction to all leather welts allowing numerous re-soles as and when required.