Shoe care

Important shoe care tips for keeping your shoes and boots in tip top condition:suede shoes cleaning

Always try to use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes. It will keep the backs strong and sturdy and avoid crushing the stiffener between the upper leather and lining.

Try to wear your shoes in dry weather on the first few outings – fine grit will get embedded into the new sole leather and so aid water resistance as well as wear.

Always try to give footwear a 24 hour rest between outings. Amongst other benefits it will allow the linings to dry out.

It’s always best to avoid excessive wetting but this can of course be unavoidable.  When it does happen always let the shoes dry naturally and away from sources of direct heat which can damage the leather fibres. Don’t wear them again until fully dry.

It’s well worth investing in good quality shoe trees of which cedar wood versions are especially recommended.  Use these when storing your shoes to maintain their shape.

Before polishing your shoes wipe away surface deposits with a dry cloth.

Especially important is a regular application of a quality wax polish. This will help to moisturise the leather, keeping it supple and so help to prevent cracks.  For extra tips on footwear fashion see