Free shoe trees with Loake shoes

We include one of three free accessories with almost all the Loake shoes which we offer on our website  One of these is a pair of hardwood shoe trees which are separately sprung in both the forepart and waist.  This separate self-adjustment mechanism provides a good fit within the shoe to ensure that the tree fills the shoe properly.  A shoe tree is not purely there to keep the shoe in good shape, although this is certainly an important role.  A good absorbent tree is also important for its role in extracting perspiration out of the leather linings and insole.  Left inside your shoes this perspiration is in the perfect warm environment to generate bacteria which will lead to a rotting of the leathers and its accompanying smell.Trees - Dasco Executive

Try and use shoe trees immediately after taking your shoes off at the end of the day to ensure a long life and retaining of the shoes’ shape.

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