Repairing Loake shoes

Most Loake shoes are fully repairable and can be returned to the Loake factory for a full refurbishment service. A long sole and re-heel will cost about £85 and should be returned to you within 3 weeks.  Loake will only repair a pair of their shoes twice so you may like to utilize the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service.

Loake use 36 quite different lasts on which their shoes are made and it is these lasts which provide the shape of their shoes.  When you return your shoes to them they will put the original last back into the shoe so that when the entire sole is replaced the shoe will not lose its shape.  Our cobbler on the other hand will use a generic last which will suit most shoe shapes.  We therefore purely offer a half sole and re-heeling service whereby the rear part of the shoe is not interfered with.  This ensures that the shoe maintains its fit and shape.

Loakes, Trickers and Sanders use a variety of shoe lasts. Loakes, Trickers and Sanders use a variety of shoe lasts.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our shoe repairs and we manage to turn around our shoe repairs within a couple of days rather than weeks.  A half sole and re-heel in either leather or rubber is just £53.

Should you like to have either your Loake or other quality English shoes repaired by us just send an email request to and we shall forward you full instructions and prices.  Should you work in central London we provide a free collection and returns service which is included in our listed prices.

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