How to Clean Suede Shoes

Suede shoes can be easily ruined if not cleaned properly. Follow these simple steps to keep them looking their best:

Step 1: Once the suede is dry take a clean, dry towel and gently rub your suede shoes. This helps to bring up the nap and restore the suede's surface.

Step 2: Grab your pencil or suede eraser and rub your shoes to remove dry deeply embedded stains.

Step 3: Brush the surface of your shoes with a metal suede brush using a controlled circular motions. This helps to smooth out the areas of your shoes that have been roughed up by the eraser. It also effectively gets rid of stubborn scuff marks.

Step 4: Spray your shoes with a coat of suede protector.

Removing Water Stains
Step 1: Place a light coat of water on the outside of each shoe with a clean nail brush.

Step 2: Soak up the excess water with a dry cloth or sponge.

Step 3: Insert a shoe tree into each shoe and let them air dry overnight. Without the shoes trees, your shoes may lose their form or shrink. If you don't have any shoe trees, then use balled up tissue paper instead.

Step 4: Go over your shoes with a suede brush the next day when they have dried completely.

Step 5: Coat each shoe with a layer of suede protector.

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