What is Veldtschoen construction?

Instead of the upper leather turning underneath the insole like more common constructions, the Veldtschoen turns outwards and is stitched directly to the mid-sole. The advantages of this are a durable construction which is easy to repair, and also flexible, increasing the comfort of the shoes.

The name Veldtschoen translates from Dutch to mean field shoe. It was created with the theory that if the leather of the upper turns outwards rather than inwards, it would direct unwanted debris and water, dependent on materials used, away from the foot instead of inside the shoe. Water resistance requires more engineering of the shoe and is not common practice today, with rubber Wellington boots catering for this market area. Instead, the Veldtschoen is regarded more for its excellent durability, comfort, and attractive appearance. Loake shoes and Sanders shoes can both make heavier country style shoes using this method of construction. But without doubt Trickers shoes of Northampton are the world leaders with their Country Collection. Some of Tricker's more popular shoes from this collection can be viewed on our website.

Sebago shoes with their nautical bent do not make shoes using Veldtschoen construction techniques.

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