The importance of shoe trees.

Shoe trees are essential for a number of reasons in order to keep your Trickers, Sanders and Loake shoes in tip top condition.  The idea is that the trees should fit fairly snugly inside the shoes so.  To this end it doesn’t matter what the trees are made of, whether they be plastic, metal or wood. You should not wear the same pair of shoes every day so the day or so a pair is resting is the optimum time to install the trees.  This will straighten up the shoes and it also makes working polish into the leather when cleaning them and so keeping the leather fibres lubricated, supple and deter cracking.

Your feet produce more than a litre of perspiration per day and this will be absorbed into your shoe linings.  Left inside the shoes perspiration can produce bacteria and enable it to flourish in the warm damp atmosphere.  Smelly shoes can result and left unattended the shoe linings can start to rot away.  Therefore the second crucial role of shoe trees is to help extract perspiration from inside shoes.  However in order to do this plastic, metal or highly polished wood shoe trees are useless.  Wood is the ideal material for shoe trees to this end.  Cedar wood is the material of choice for trees since cedar is not only highly absorbent but also fairly aromatic.  But cedar is not a cheap wood and fortunately there are plenty of other absorbent wood trees on the market which will do just the same job in extracting moisture from your shoe linings.

At Bradshaw and Lloyd we offer a variety of shoe tree options.Trees - Dasco Executive Trees Loake new

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