Loake Legacy

The Loake factory has been producing their premium 1880 range of shoes for many years now but the Loake Legacy collection are that little bit extra special. Essentially there are two factors which set this collection apart from the highly respected Loake 1880 collection. Firstly, and as you would expect, they are made using the very best goodyear welted method of construction. However with the Loake Legacy range of both shoes and boots only the very highest quality materials that the factory can source are used. Additionally an extra level of time and skilled labour is spent on the extra detailing and hand-finishing which sets this range of footwear apart.

The second important feature of the Loake Legacy collection is the introduction of two totally new lasts shapes which are purely used for this footwear. These are the unique Loake Bullet and River lasts. There are presently thirteen different styles of shoes and boots in the collection and each is made on one or other of these two lasts. They are slightly different from one another of course but what they have in common is a thoroughly sleek and elegant sharpness.

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we are pleased to offer the entire range of Loake Legacy styles and include either a pair of cedar wood shoe trees or a premium shoe care kit with each pair.