RE Trickers shoes

Since 1829 Tricker’s have been handmaking shoes in Northampton and over these years many different last shapes have been used in order to obtain the best fit for the proposed purpose and the overall look of the shoe. Twenty years ago Tricker’s introduced the 4537 last for their 1829 Collection of formal shoes. I believe that this last produces the finest, most elegant, shoe shape which I have seen in my 22 years in the industry. And it is for this reason why it is the Tricker’s 1829 Collection which we are proud to offer in the guise of the Bradshaw and Lloyd Bench Made Collection When you have time do have a stroll down Jermyn Street in London’s West End and try and find a better looking shoe design amongst this centre of shoemaking excellence. The following Bradshaw & Lloyd Bench Made Collection (Trickers 1829 Collection) shoes are made with the very finest materials including oak bark leather soles which offer 3 times the wear of the sole leather used in just about every other shoe which sells for under a thousand pounds : Regent – The plain oxford toecap Belgrave – The punched cap oxford Kensington – The Semi brogue oxford. Piccadilly – The oxford full brogue Mayfair – The monk shoe Sloane – The tassel loafer Once you have worn a pair of these I doubt you will ever want to wear another shoe. Somehow they just make you feel better about yourself. And along with using the very best leathers it is the finer detailing which makes these shoes special. For example instead of cutting a wide channel into the sole and then stitching along this Tricker’s craftsmen will cut a fine slit around the outer edge of the sole and then stitch into this cut. The leather is then folded back over to hide the stitches. As the Bradshaw & Lloyd Bench Made Collection we are pleased to offer these superb shoes for £275 instead of the £335 in Tricker’s shop in Jermyn Street.

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