Loake shoes

Leather has always been the perfect material for making shoes, and probably always will be.  It is breathable, hard-wearing, moulds to the shape of your foot and easily workable.  Many other materials have been tried and tested but nothing else does the job so well.  Synthetic sports shoes can look pretty good but your feet can get too hot and if perspiration can’t escape all kinds of unpleasant chemical reactions start to happen, aided by the warm damp conditions.
Tricker’s, Sanders and Loake shoes are made from entirely natural materials, the uppers and linings are almost always leather and if the soles are rubber then they will be made of a natural rubber. These components are all stitched together using very traditional techniques which mean that the shoes are easily repairable when necessary. Leather is great but does need a little tlc, water can find its way along the sole and upper stitching into the shoes so it is crucial to apply a good quality wax polish at regular intervals and work it well into the welt where the upper leather meets the sole.  This not only acts as a natural barrier to water but also nourishes and polishes the shoes and keeps them looking their best.  The quality of Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes is such that they will last many years if looked after properly and ideally alternated but do remember that shoes do like to dry out properly between outings.

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