Loake shoes and caring for your feet.

Buying good quality leather shoes is important for the health of your feet and needless to say Sanders Trickers and Loake are amongst the finest shoes on the market.  However it is equally important to care for what the shoes are for, namely your feet.

You ask a great deal of your feet so it's worth looking after them.

A combination of rest and exercise is paramount.  Do put your feet up for 10 minutes after a day on your feet, this will aid circulation.  Additionally a foot massage is not only one of life’s pleasures but also thoroughly refreshes your feet.

Stretching exercises will help keep feet supple and enhance movement.  A good method to stretch one’s calf is to stand facing a wall with legs slightly bent and feet hip width apart.  Lean your hands against the wall and take one step forwards and maintain a straight rear leg with a bent front leg and both feet flat on the floor.  Repeat this exercise for each leg about 5 times and you will soon feel the benefit in the muscles in your calf and heel.
Regularly exercise your feet by making circular motions with your feet ten times in each direction whilst keeping your leg still.  Also try to straighten your toes and then wriggle them.  A good tip is to imagine drawing the letters of the alphabet with your feet.  Something you can quietly do in the office under a desk without drawing attention.
Feet should be kept clean and dry and avoid long soaks in the bath as this can dry out the natural oils.
Cut nails after bathing when they are softer.  Toe nails should be cut straight across and not too short so as to avoid in-growing nails.
A sensible foot care regime will allow happy, healthy feet and combined with good quality shoes from the likes of Sanders, Trickers and Loake you will find being on your feet all day far more pleasurable.

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