Loake shoes and men's feet

Unlike almost all other articles of men’s clothing it is rarely necessary to change shoe size during the course of adulthood.  If you are a size 9 F aged 18 then you will almost certainly be a size 9 F aged 80.  This is key to the popularity of buying shoes online.  Understandably people may be reluctant to buy an unknown brand online without seeing the shoes in the flesh but if you can obtain a pair of highly respected Trickers, Sanders or Loake shoes online without the inconvenience of hitting the high street then it does make total sense.

Your feet and buying Loake shoes

There are no shops which offer all 200 or so styles of Loake shoes.  Combined with Bradshaw and Lloyd’s Freepost returns service and competitive pricing then buying really good shoes from BradshawandLloyd.com is a ‘no brainer’.

Interestingly though from one generation to the next men’s feet are getting bigger.  As a nation research shows that we are not only getting fatter but also taller and feet are increasing in size accordingly.  Over the past 40 years the British foot has, according to the College of Podiatry, increased by two shoe sizes.

Increased weight over time does lead to feet splaying, so although total foot length won’t change width fittings may increase.  Loake have embraced this fact by expanding the choice of G (wide) fitting styles available.  So if your weight has increased significantly then you might consider one of these wider fitting options from Loake shoes.

We offer the entire range of Loake shoes at www.bradshawandlloyd.com.

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