Loake shoes - How to test whether a pair of shoes is the correct fit:

When trying on new traditionally Goodyear welted shoes ie most Loake styles, there is often a tendency for the shoe to slip on and off your heel as you walk. This is because the new soles are rigid with limited flexibility until the shoes are broken in. Without the help of laces or an elastic gusset loafers are particularly prone to this in styles such as the Loake Eton, 256, Lincoln, Brighton, Temple and Whitehall. When you are standing in new shoes you can always get a finger down the back at the heel. To test whether the pair you are trying on is the correct size, sit down and cross one leg over the other. Waggle the raised shoe repeatedly on and off your heel. If the heel upper is gripping your heel in this position then the fit is correct, at least around the heel, and when the sole begins to bend as it breaks in it will start to grip your heel.

The technique for trying on a new pair of Loake shoes.

At the toe end you should be able to wriggle your toes comfortably. A snug fitting shoe is not necessarily a bad thing as leather does tend to give but your toes should certainly not feel cramped.

When trying on your new Loake shoes please do so on a carpeted surface so if you do decide to return them we can still sell them. We are unable to accept returns once they are no longer ‘as new’ so if you are in doubt then do contact the office to discuss exchange/return.’

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