Shoe trees for Loakes shoes.

Whether you are buying a pair of Tricker’s, Sanders or Loakes shoes, and since they are all leather shoes, you will want to maintain them in tip-top condition to ensure a long life. At Bradshaw & Lloyd we offer a pair of free shoe trees with most shoe styles. Shoe trees are essential for two reasons:
1 They maintain the shape of the shoe.
2 So long as they are made from an absorbent material, such as cedarwood, they will absorb perspiration from the lining. Perspiration is like an acid and will rot the lining if the shoe isn’t given the opportunity to dry out.

The free Tacco Consul cedarwood trees which we supply with many shoe styles are made to the highest standard in Germany. The natural oils within the cedarwood will permeate a delightful aroma into the shoe whilst the highly absorbant cedar will extract that damaging moisture from the linings. These trees are available in 5 adjustable options to fit all sizes of men’s shoes. The design of these trees mean that air is still able to circulate around the inside of the shoe.

Free shoe trees supplied with most Loake, Sanders and Trickers shoes.

The Loakes fully lasted trees which we offer at £39.95 are made from absorbant softwood and are available in 7 whole sizes to fit all men’s shoes from size 5 to 11. Since these trees are fully lasted they fit snugly throughout the inside of the shoe, provising good contact between then tree and the leather lining.

The Trickers fully lasted cedarwood shoe tree at £52 is the best of all worlds. Made from cedarwood it is highly absorbent and aromatic and being fully lasted means that it fits snugly into all shoe sizes.

The shoe trees which we offer are designed to maintain your Sanders, Trickers and Loakes shoes in the very best condition. Visit to view the trees and also the full range of shoes.

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