Loakes are one of the oldest and most well-loved of English quality shoe brands. Founded by the three brothers Loake in 1880, Loake produce shoes of excellent quality. Loake are obsessed with producing shoes of superb quality. They do not have their own stores and sell through other retail shoe stores. Similarly their advertising is quite low-key compared to other English shoe brands. Their focus is entirely on their shoes and making the best.

Loakes are often the first quality shoes that Englishman buy, possibly because of the price (Loake’s entry level shoe, the Loake Shoemaker range, retail for around a £100.00). So Loake fans often start young.

Loakes quickly develop that classic and beautiful worn-in look, while retaining their shape and sparkle. Loakes often look better than shoes twice the price and half the age.

Loake have an amazing variety of shoe styles, though no one shop stocks the whole range. They have the following ranges, amongst others:

The Loake Shoemaker range are the Loake entry-level shoe, starting at around £100.00. These are classic styles, Goodyear welted, with good quality leather uppers. In terms of style they are traditional and have quite a broad foot, so they look a little heavy, much like Trickers shoes. Shoemaker has a “comfort” sub-line, with wider width fittings, which also make them suitable for older men.

Design Loake are Loake shoes with modern designs, the squared toe, raised leather piping etc. They are contemporary styles and of the same excellent quality as Loake Shoemaker styles. These also start at around £100.00

Loake 1880 These are some beautiful shoes. These are classic English styles, Derbys and Oxfords, in high quality leathers, fine stitching and traditional broguing.

Men buy Loakes because they are stylish, (every generation of London men seem to “re-discover” Loakes as they are growing out of adolescence), well-made and affordable. For some men Loakes are the first quality shoes they buy, for some men Loakes are the first and only shoes they buy, so greatly do they prize them. Loakes inspire pride, loyalty and affection.

For the entire range of Loake shoes visit the Bradshaw and Lloyd website: www.bradshawandlloyd.com.

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