Looking after Loake shoes when wet:

Sole leather is particularly vulnerable to excessive wear when wet and even Loake shoes worn in dry conditions can contain enough moisture to be at risk.  Although sole leather is designed to get wet it’s what you do to the shoes after you have taken them off that matters. Do not dry your shoes artificially for example on a radiator.  Damp soles should be allowed to dry naturally and slowly in a well ventilated space which is no warmer than a normal living room. If the shoes have become very wet then stuff newspaper inside the shoes, to absorb excess moisture, for a few hours or even overnight and then allow air to circulate freely. Putting non-absorbant shoes trees inside damp shoes will only prevent moisture from escaping.

The damage to your shoes occurs as the excessive heat causes moisture inside the leather to evaporate.  Moisture on the outside of the leather can evaporate easily and quickly and so there is insufficient time for it to effect the fibres.  However the vapour deep inside the leather attacks the leather fibres, destroying their character. The leather becomes soft and tarry but then hardens and becomes brittle as it cools.   In subsequent wear, as the outer layer of leather gradually wears away the affected inner layers of leather become exposed and rapidly disintegrate. When the burning is less severe it may not be obvious to the naked eye but it will have shortened the life of the leather soles.

Drying wet Loake shoes When your Loake shoes are saturated use newspaper to remove much of the moisture.

Understandably therefore it isn’t a good idea to wear a pair of shoes which have become damp on a outing.  The heat which your feet can produce is considerable and will cause vapour to occur inside the leather.  So alternate shoes and allow your Loake shoes to dry out fully and naturally before wearing them again. Repairing shoes is expensive so it makes sense to help your sole leather to last as long as possible and ensure that your shoe repairer uses good quality soles.

If your Loake shoes are exposed to extreme weather conditions then consider wearing galoshes during your commute.  When you arrive at your destination your shoes will be in pristine condition.

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