When to get your shoes repaired

Do get your shoes repaired before they wear too thin. Very thin or holed shoes will let in water and also allow the shoes to flex excessively, putting increased stress on other components. They can also damage the uppers by straining and hardening the leather and so lead to cracking. Worn down heels not only look unsightly but they may cause discomfort when walking or standing. They will also cause distortion of the linings, stiffeners, uppers and seams possibly leading to premature failure. Women’s heels should be particularly closely monitored: once the heel top piece has worn through the heel covering may become damaged which may be difficult and expensive to repair. You should never alter the thickness of soles and heels as you can upset the balance of the shoe. If you do apply a stick-on sole ensure that the heel is balanced up accordingly. Be wary of heel bars when having your shoes re-soled. Traditional goodyear welting is a skilled proceedure and requires an experienced hand and quality materials. If you would like us to look at your shoes with a view to repairing them email repairs@bradshawandlloyd.com. Bradshaw and Lloyd offers a free collection service throughout central London.

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