Outline drawings of your feet will allow us to determine the right size of Loakes shoes.

If you are concerned about ordering the correct size of Sebago, Sanders, Trickers or Loakes shoes from our website then do email us outline drawings of your feet which will enable us to determine your appropriate shoe size.  The following simple instructions will enable you to submit foot drawings:

Whilst wearing socks stand firmly on a single sheet of A4 paper under each foot with your feet one foot apart.  Whilst remaining upright and still ask a friend to draw around each foot with a black pen whilst keeping the pen absolutely vertical at all times.

Then scan both sheets and email sales@bradshawandloyd.com along with your name and the style of Sanders, Trickers, Sebago or Loakes shoes in which you are interested.  We cannot of course guarantee that the size we advise will always be spot on but on the whole we are pretty good and have been doing this for 25 years.

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