Repairing Loake shoes

If you are buying a nice pair of shoes you will want to be able to re-sole them when the soles do eventually wear thin.  Certainly all Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes are designed to last and be re-soled numerous times.  However there is one type of shoe construction which allows the sole to be replaced any number of times without interfering and without weakening the upper.  This goes by the often misunderstood term of ‘goodyear welted’.  All Trickers and Sanders shoes and boots are goodyear welted.  Most Loake shoes and boots are goodyear welted, the exception being those of a traditional moccasin construction.

Looking after Loake shoes Be sure to repair your Loake shoes correctly

A traditional goodyear welted shoe has a narrow strip of leather, which will usually run all around the shoe, stitched to the upper leather.  It is this welt which is then stitched to the leather or rubber sole.  When the sole requires replacing the stitching holding the sole to the welt is cut, the sole falls away and a new sole may be stitched to the welt.  At no time do new holes need to be made into the upper itself.

The trick is to watch out for shoes made via the Blakey method of construction.  With this construction method the sole is stitched directly to the upper leather and each time a new sole is required the stitching needle will make new holes in the upper and so gradually weaken it until the holes start meeting one another and so prohibit further stitching.  The Blakey method is much quicker to do and so a shoe repairer may perform this repair on your goodyear welted shoes, always insist that your traditionally goodyear welted shoes are repaired in the original manner.

Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes provide a full re-soling service whereby you can guarantee that your shoes will be repaired properly.  Alternatively do contact us at Bradshaw and Lloyd and we shall repair your shoes to the very highest standard.

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