Sanders shoes

Sanders shoes of Spencer Road, Rushden has in recent years become one of the most innovative shoe manufacturers in Northamptonshire, the very heart of the English shoe making industry.  An industry which itself is admired throughout the world for the quality of its leather footwear.

The Dylan from Sanders shoes is just one of many innovative shoe designs in the 2014 collection.

The Sander shoes pedigree goes back to 1873 when the two brothers William and Thomas Sanders set the ball rolling with a premium quality but limited range of shoes and boots.  The company has since continued to specialize in the top end of the footwear industry and gradually expanded the choice not only of designs but also leathers.  Today Sanders offers a comprehensive selection of both traditional and highly innovative and fashionable designs whilst maintaining the adherence to quality.  These are not the type of shoe which you wear out and the discard, they are designed to be re-soled so that they will last many years.

There are nine distinct collections in the 2014 Sanders shoes catalogue.  At Bradshaw & Lloyd we are proud to offer the following:

Sanders Diplomats for premium calf formal shoe and boots.
Sanders Ambassadors.  A traditional calf range which we offer under the Bradshaw & Lloyd label.
Sanders Formal Wear.  Patent leather dress shoes.
Sanders Country.  Heavier shoes and boots for the countryside.
Sanders Casual.  An exciting range of innovative recreational designs for the fashion conscious.

At we offer the full range of these Sanders shoes at unbeatable prices and delivered for free throughout Europe.

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