Repairing Loake shoes.

Repairing Loake shoes.

One of the great benefits of goodyear welted shoes is that they are fully repairable. Most Loake shoes are goodyear welted and we are often asked about how best to go about repairing Loake shoes so let’s look at the various options.

Rubber v leather soles:

One key benefit of leather soles is that a thin stick-on rubber sole may be applied to the forepart. The rubber will provide enhanced traction and prevent the leather sole itself from degrading with wear. This can then easily be replaced at a heel bar in due course for little cost. Because rubber soles tend to have a tread, with lumps and bumps, adding a stick-on sole is not an option.
When it comes to repairing Loake shoes and replacing the sole itself, whether rubber or leather, there are a couple of options. You can return the shoes to the Loake factory where they will be repaired on the original last and the entire sole unit replaced. This will set you back the best part of £100 but they will be returned to you looking like new shoes. The downside of returning the shoes to the factory is that you may lose them for six weeks whilst they work their way around the factory. Because of this you may prefer repairing Loake shoes by taking them to a reputable local cobbler. Here the repairer should perform a half sole replacement because he will be using his own lasts and you do not want your shoes to lose shape. The advantage of going this route is that it will be considerably cheaper and quicker than returning them to Loake.

The Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service:

Your other option when repairing Loake shoes is to return them to us. We would perform a half sole replacement for the reasons listed above. You can normally expect to receive them back within 10 days. Please refer to our website for further information.