Where are Sanders shoes made?

Where are Sanders shoes made?

The Sanders factory is one of England’s oldest shoe makers having been established in 1873. However since so much outsourcing overseas has occurred in recent years at other shoemakers many people have asked us where are Sanders shoes made? This is especially pertinent since we chose Sanders to produce our De Winter boot collection.


Although the Northamptonshire shoe industry as a whole makes some of the very finest shoes and boots in the world today we do not have an extensive tanning industry. As a result the best leathers tend to be imported from overseas these days. And Sanders is no exception importing the very best leathers from across Europe and South America.


The Sanders factory in Rushden is one of the few remaining English shoe makers where the entire production process continues to be entirely done in England. And this all takes place in their Spencer Road factory. The company remains in the same private Sanders family hands as it has done since the two brothers set up the business 146 years ago. Whereas the likes of Loake, Barker and Grenson do get a substantial part of their shoe production done overseas every aspect of Sanders boot and shoe production is done here in England.

The future:

Henry Sanders continues to remain committed to continuing the proud tradition of entirely UK production. He is aware that although labour costs may be higher there are many advantages, not least the fact that the made in England label is hugely popular worldwide.