Sanders shoes from Bradshaw and Lloyd

Sanders and Sanders don’t have high street retail shops in Jermyn Street and the Burlington Arcade which may be why Sanders shoes aren't as well known as the likes of Church’s, Crockett & Jones and R.E. Tricker but they ought to be.  This family owned business run by Henry Sanders and still making shoes in their 1912 factory in Spencer Road, Rushden, produces shoes and boots of exceptional quality and uses the same production techniques which have made English made welted shoes the envy of the world since the 1870s.

Sanders shoes

The Sanders name is however fairly well known in military circles where the elegant George and Wellington boot are sported by the officer ranks in some of Britain’s oldest regiments.  In recent years the Sanders Diplomat range of fine calf leather shoes and boots has been introduced which compete in quality and style with some better known and vastly more expensive brands.

The consistent quality and attention to detail of Sanders shoes has led Bradshaw & Lloyd to team up with Sanders to produce the Grosvenor collection of classic goodyear welted range of shoe and boots.  Produced entirely in Sanders’ Spencer Road factory we are proud to offer this premium quality footwear at superb prices.  Visit to view this exciting range along with Sanders: Diplomat, Flexwelt, Country, Casual and Evening range.

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