Sebago Horween Docksides

The Sebago Horween Dockside collection are proving a huge success.  This is hardly surprising, Sebagos’s classic Docksides and Spinnakers have always had a very loyal following but these Horween versions are really rather special.  This isn’t simply because Sebago have reverted to their American roots and are manufacturing the Horween range entirely in mainland USA.  These deckshoes have sublime full grain Horween upper leathers which are simply to die for.  They also have a decorative hand-stitched apron reminiscent of the native American Indian moccasin.
Available in 21 exciting colour options these leathers are of a quality which simply improves with age:

Sebago Horween Dockside 720004 in bright orange full grain leather.

Horween Docksides:   Emerald green, mustard, red, ink, bright orange, mid brown, dark plum, black, dark brown, bright red, chocolate, golden tan, and bright blue.
Horween Spinnakers:   Emerald green and ink, yellow and red, orange and ink, cherry and mid-brown, olive and mid-brown, dark plum and mid brown, ink and bright blue, chocolate and golden tan.
At the unbeatable Bradshaw and Lloyd price of £123 the Sebago Horween may be a little pricier than the regular Sebago Dockside but the premium is well worth it. For a deckshoe the sole is very hard wearing and the quality of the upper leather means that they will just go on and on.  At Bradshaw and Lloyd we are proud to offer the entire range of Sebago Horween Docksides and Horween Spinnakers and with our free European delivery service and Freepost UK returns service why not order a pair and see what you think!  Just send them back in the unlikely event that you don’t like them.

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