Repairing your Loake shoes

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we want you to get the full life from your shoes.  The brands which we offer have been chosen because we believe that they are not only stylish but are built to last.  Consequently we provide a full repair service in order to keep your Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes in prime condition.  These aren’t cheap shoes and are all constructed with premium components and most are made using the very traditional goodyear welted method of construction.  It is therefore important to have them repaired by a skilled cobbler.  It is far too easy to put a good pair of shoes out of kilter if the repair is botched by an unqualified heel bar.

Have your Loake shoes repaired by a competent professional.

You can of course return any Trickers, Sanders and Loake shoes to the various factories in Northampton for a full long sole and re-heel when the soles have worn through.  The factories will do a superb repair on their original last, but replacing the entire sole and heel is fairly labour expensive and uses a fair amount of sole leather, so they charge accordingly.  Plus you will lose the shoes for a couple of weeks.  The alternative is to return your shoes to us where our highly experienced cobbler will perform a half sole and re-heel with premium leathers and materials for a total price of £44.00, plus whatever else might be required.  This traditional technique purely replaces the materials which wear and so keeps the integrity of the shoe without needing to repair them on their original lasts.
If you live and work outside central London you will need to post the shoes in to us, but once repaired we shall return them to you, securely, via UPS courier, usually within 7 working days.  If you are fortunate enough to work in town we provide a free collection and return service via Rush couriers.  Either way just drop an email to repairs and we can forward you all the necessary info. in order to return your Trickers, Sanders and Loake shoes to their former glory.

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