Trickers 1829 Collection

We are proud to offer the Trickers 1829 collection of formal shoes alongside the Trickers Country collection of heavy duty shoes and boots which we have been offering for many years now.  Tricker’s manufacture two collections of formal shoes: their Jermyn Street and 1829 ranges.  We have chosen to offer the 1829 range simply because they are all made on the 4537 last which is quite simply the best looking last shape for formal shoes which we have seen in 23 years of shoemaking in Northamptonshire.  The entire spectrum of classic designs is available from plain Oxfords to brogues, monk shoes and loafers, all available in a variety of premium grade rich calf leathers and suedes.

Trickers Belgrave in espresso calf leather from the Tricker's 1829 Collection

These 1829 Trickers shoes are very much hand made and use only the very finest materials.  When you open the shoe box you can tell just by the sublime aroma that these are of absolute superb quality.  But it isn’t until you have them on your feet that you realize what you are paying for.  These shoes correctly support your feet and just feel great, not something which you get from lesser products.  But it is the durability of these shoes, which you won’t get to appreciate for 6 or 8 years, which is what makes these shoes special.

Firstly the oak bark tanned leather soles are reckoned to last three times the length of regular leather soles.  This sole leather is literally buried in a mixture of oak bark and acorns for over a year.  This is the very traditional method of tanning leather, using the vegetation’s natural tanins and makes the leather absolutely rock hard.  Next the leather uppers, linings and insoles, of the highest quality, are stitched together using premium grade threads. You can re-sole these shoes any number of times since they are all made using the goodyear method of construction which means that the sole stitching does not interfere with the upper leather.  Trickers 1829 shoes really are designed to last and become old friends.  Do visit to view this superb range, and as ever we provide a free delivery and collection service throughout the UK and with this collection we include either a free pair of Tricker’s trees, galoshes or cleaning kit in a leather pouch free with each pair.

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