General shoe care

Shoes and boots are available for every occasion and it pays to use the correct ones. Wearing shoes for an unintended purpose may ruin their looks and possibly cause them damage. It’s a false economy to go on wearing shoes when they a repair is overdue. The cost of the repair will escalate and permanent damage may be done to the shoes. Regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial. When buying a new pair of shoes don’t make do with a pair which isn’t the correct fit. Such footwear may lose its shape, become ugly and possibly wear quicker. This is because extra strain may be put on the materials and joints and worse still cause permanent damage to your feet. The great advantage of buying shoes from Bradshaw and Lloyd is that you can treat your home or office like a shoe shop but not be rushed into making the wrong decision. We offer a free delivery service throughout Europe and throughout the UK a free returns service. Cleaning footwear: If the shoes have become very muddy then let them dry, naturally, and then use a blunt blade or a piece of wood to remove the caked on mud. Then remove the remaining dirt with a damp cloth, ensuring that grit doesn’t scratch and abrade. Then apply a good wax polish and allow to dry. Then polish with a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush. Do not rub too hard as this can spoil the colour or finish of the leather. Drying wet or damp shoes: Damp leather is very susceptible to heat and if dried harshly immense hard can be done, especially a hardening of the leather and then cracking when flexed. Instead simply allow the shoes to dry out at room temperature with plenty of ventilation. Never place on a radiator or similar heat source. Stuffing newspaper inside the shoes initially can help speed up waterlogged shoes, but limit this to an hour or so as air circulation is important. More info: Visit SATRA - Shoe and Allied Trade Research Association.

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