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  • What are moccasin shoes and why you might want a pair.

    So you’re here wondering what a moccasin shoe is! Well, I’m here to try and convince you as to why you may like to have a pair.

    Origin and description

    First of all, what is a moccasin and where did they originate? The first moccasins shoes were constructed by Native Americans. They did this by taking a whole piece of soft leather and shaping it like a sock. A sole is then stitched directly to the bottom of the shoe. This results in a very flexible and easy to slip-on shoe. And that’s it, pretty simple right? The shoe has evolved over the years from the decorative Native American to what we find today. But the construction has remained essentially the same. Now we know how a moccasin is constructed and what it is let’s go over to the pros and cons.

    Pros of a moccasin shoe

    What are the pros? A moccasin shoe is very flexible. This makes them the perfect summer shoe. Great for and easy run-around or just for lounging around at home. The flexibility also make them fantastic for those with wider feet in addition to being a great driving shoe. No more hindrance and worry of creasing you can get when you drive in a sturdier shoe. The easy construction also results in a cheaper shoe which is obviously a bonus.

    Cons of a moccasin shoe

    Ok, so the cons. Being an easily constructed shoe means that they do offer less support and cushioning. That’s why I don’t advice these to be your everyday work shoe. Additionally, being a summer shoe they don’t have great insulation either. A final con to a moccasin is that they’re not as easily repaired as other constructions. Every time a new sole is stitched on they are stitched on making new holes which does weaken the upper leather. However, these days most moccasins tend to have rubber soles which make them much more durable and waterproof.

    So there you have it. You now know what a moccasin is and how they’re constructed as well as their pros and cons. To any who are looking for an easy slip on and off, laze around, summer shoe, I say look no further than the moccasin.


  • Back to Office Footwear

    We’ve all got used to waking up in the morning and just slipping on a pair of loafers, moccasins or slippers. However, with the government trying to get everyone back to their offices and winter on the horizon perhaps it’s time to address our office footwear.

                                                                                                                                                       Loake Princeton in Burgundy


    Whether you work as an accountant, social worker, call centre agent or any other office worker you’d probably like to turn up to work in style. Here are a few of my suggestions.

    Suggestion 1

    My first recommendation to you is a classic from the Loake 1880 range. The Oxford half brogue Strand. I class this shoe as a great all-rounder, the simple half brogue isn’t too ostentatious and over the top for an office shoe but still manages to keep it stylish. As with most shoes from Loake these are Goodyear welted. If you happened to have read my blog from last week on the benefits of this welt then you know why I value this welt so highly. If not, the basics are that it is just the best. Excellent quality, comfort, weather resistant and the sole can be replaced meaning these welts can last a lifetime. This shoe is just a great standard for everyday office footwear.                                                                                                                                                       Loake Strand in Mahogany Calf


    Suggestion 2

    If you’re looking to make a bit more impact when you first walk in to your office I would suggest this next shoe. The Barker McClean, this Oxford full brogue definitely is more out there but it is the one for you if you want to make a splash. Goodyear welted again so quality is top notch and the fully leather lining just adds to all this making the comfort of these shoes sublime. The paisley pattern really will catch some eyes and turn some heads. But if this is not your style we offer the McClean with suede side panels.

                                                                                                                                                        Barker McClean in Cedar Calf

    Suggestion 3

    My final suggestion is actually two suggestions and is one for someone who wants to keep it simple. The Loake Gable and the Loake Neo from Loake’s Shoemakers range.  The Gable is a rubber soled derby and is great for someone who is going to be travelling a lot. The calf leather makes this shoe long lasting and supple. In comparison the Neo is leather soled and has a corrected grain leather, resulting in a high shine finish.


    Loake Gable in Black Calf


    So there you have it. My office footwear suggestions for those going back to the 9-5 grind. But don’t just restrict yourself to these, browse our full website and find something more suited to you. Stay safe all.





  • Goodyear Welted. What is it?

    I am always being asked, ‘what is Goodyear welting?’ and ‘what makes Goodyear welted shoes so good?’ Well to answer these questions we will have to travel back in time to 1869. Charles Goodyear Jr, not to be confused with his relative who invented Goodyear rubber. Invented a new way to construct shoes and without being too modest, dubbed it the Goodyear Welt. It quickly became the most widely known best way to construct a quality shoe, and that is certainly what you are paying for, quality.


    The welt is a strip of leather that is sewn around the perimeter of the upper of the shoe, onto the insole. The outer sole is then sewn to the welt. The space created by the welt between the insole and the outer sole is then filled with cork, a natural product that provides protection, insulation.


    As you wear the shoe, the cork filler, like memory foam, takes an impression of your foot. This provides the wearer with unparalleled comfort and support. Thus is the reason the Goodyear welt is my favourite type of footwear and I'm sure it will become yours too.


    Due to the construction of these shoes there is an extra layer of leather. This keeps the wearer higher off the ground than most shoes. This makes the shoes more insulated in harsher weather. Ensuring it takes longer before you get any soggy socks. Not only do Goodyear Welted shoes provide you with unparalleled comfort but they are built to last. You are able to replace the sole at any time. Even opt for a rubber sole if you’re bored of leather and fancy a change, or vice versa. This is why I wholeheartedly recommend Goodyear Welted footwear to any looking for a good quality shoe that offers amazing comfort!

  • Fitting Loake shoes

    The increasing popularity of buying footwear online is growing exponentially. And with their shoes becoming a byword for quality and value the need for fitting Loake shoes correctly has never been more pertinent. We know just how frustrating it can be to eagerly await the arrival of your next pair of fine English shoes, only to worry whether you have ordered the right size. So here we shall discuss the various Loake fittings and how they size.

    Width fittings:

    Essentially an E is a narrow fit, an F is medium wide and a G is wide. An H fit is fairly rare and is exceptionally broad. If you don’t normally have a problem getting shoes to fit then you can be fairly confident that you are a regular F fitting.


    The Loake factory use around 40 different last shapes for their shoes and boots. These lasts determine not only the look but also the fit of the shoe. Fortunately all the great English shoemakers tend to be fairly consistent in their sizing. So a Crockett and Jones size 8 F should be fairly close in fit to a Loake size 8 F. However the last shape can make a difference. So an F fit on one style may not feel quite the same as an F fit on a shoe made on a different last. If you’d like some help in fitting Loake shoes do drop us an email with your foot measurements along with the Loake style which you are interested in and we shall suggest your optimum size.

  • Footwear from Sanders shoes

    The family owned and run shoe factory which is Sanders footwear operates out of Rushden, Northamptonshire. This delightful factory hand makes every part of their shoes and boots from the cutting (clicking) of the uppers to the final polish in the shoe room. We like this because it means that their quality control is superb. Now in its fifth generation of the family the shoes are still made on the same site as they were in 1873. And the same techniques and methods of production have changed little.

    Sanders footwear are best known for their suede shoes and boots. We particularly like their casual collection which come in a variety of rich suedes and leathers. The Sanders HiTop is an absolute stonker:

  • Barker, Sanders, Trickers and Loake sale – Summer deal

    Barker, Sanders, Trickers and Loakes sale:

    We offer great prices on Barker, Sanders, Trickers and Loakes shoes but you can obtain a 10% discount instead of the free accessory which we supply with most shoes and boots by selecting 'No accessory' and using coupon code EXF233 during the checkout procedure. This fabulous offer will end soon.


    UK: Free delivery throughout the UK and a free returns service.
    Europe: £10 GBP per pair via secure courier.
    Worldwide: £20 per pair via secure courier.

  • The Loake Aldwych 5 eyelet toecap Oxford

    The Loake Aldwych 5 eyelet toecap Oxford is our most popular formal Loake shoe. And for good reason. At £220 for the suede versions and £245 for the calf leather versions these are a terrifically good buy. You can easily spend double this on a similar style from other English brands with very little discernible difference.

    Why is the Loake Aldwych such a great shoe:

    The shoe is from Loake’s premium 1880 collection which represents the finest aspects of traditional English shoemaking. The shoe has a traditional goodyear welted construction. This means it provides good support for the foot and can be repaired numerous times without degrading the upper leather.

    The shoe is made on the Loake Capital last which provides a good fit for most feat combined with a very elegant shape. Most colour options are now also available in a broader G fitting for those with a wider foot.

    The materials used are essential to the comfort and durability of a shoe and Loake do not skimp here. A full grain premium calf leather or suede is used for the uppers whilst the shoe is fully leather lined with a full leather insole.


    We have plenty of stock of the Loake Aldwych so do try a pair. It’s free delivery and returns - if necessary - throughout the UK.

  • Loake sale shoes

    The Loake factory are often updating their shoe styles. We are therefore able to offer a good selection of Loakes sale shoes at reduced prices. This eclectic selection of both boots and shoes are in perfect condition and are of course unworn. We provide a next day free delivery service throughout the mainland UK. So long as the shoes are carefully tried on a carpet you can of course return them for a full refund if not required. However you would be responsible for the return costs of Loakes sale shoes.


    If you are unsure of your shoe size and therefore selecting the correct Loakes sale shoes then do measure your feet as per these instructions. We shall do our best to suggest the best size and fitting for your feet.

  • Sussex mens shoe shops

    There is a severe lack of quality men’s shoe shops nationwide and Sussex is no different from the rest of the country. Those looking for a good pair of shoes often feel that a trip to London is the only solution. But who really wants a long train journey during an epidemic! Fortunately a possible solution lies in what we think is rather a gem. This is the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe shop in Hurstpierpoint, just north of Brighton and two minutes from the A23, a truly delightful Sussex mens shoe shop.


    We are a key Loake specialist store and stock one of the largest range of Loake styles in the entire country. In addition we have a good selection of Barker and Sebago shoes along with our rather special De Winter range of English hand made ankle boots.


    There’s lots of free parking in the village and why not visit one of our fabulous local pubs and maybe have a stroll on the delightful South Downs while you’re here.

  • Repairing Loakes shoes

    Loake provide a fine shoe repair service however you can lose your shoes for some weeks whilst the shoes move through the factory. Also Loake are only tooled up to offer what is known as a long sole repair. This is where the entire sole unit is replaced. This looks nice but is rather wasteful since you are replacing sole leather which never wears. It’s therefore rather more environmentally friendly, and also rather less invasive to the shoes, to perform a half sole repair. This is the repair whereby only the leather which hits the ground is replaced.

    The Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service:

    We will perform a half leather sole and re-heel repair using the very best oak bark leather soles for just £60 per pair. This is acknowledged in the industry as the hardest wearing type of sole leather. It’s tanned using the very traditional technique of steeping the leather in a natural oak bark stew and allowing the leather to take up the tannins over a very long period. This method of tanning is expensive but provides the most durable type of sole leather. Our prices includes our free UK nationwide courier collection and return service.

    Turnaround of repairs:

    We will usually return the repaired shoes to you within 7 working days of receipt. For further details of the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service along with our full price list please email

    Have your Loake shoes repaired by a competent professional.

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