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  • Loake boots

    At Bradshaw & Lloyd we love the huge range of beautifully designed and constructed Loake boots coming out of the Loake Kettering factory. These are the boots which you will find in the 1880 and Shoemakers collections.  From our point of view they tick all the box requirements we look for in a quality English boot.

    Fundamentally they are made in England which suits the heritage requirements of genuine Northamptonshire footwear. The lasts on which the boots are made are truly stylish and meet the more fashionable requirements of 21st century men.  Most importantly when sending these boots all around the world they are true to size. This means that if you are usually a UK size 9 for example in English made footwear then you should be fairly confident that a size 9 in these Loake boots should fit you just as well.

    One crucial feature that all these Loake boots have in common is that they are traditionally Goodyear welted. This is not the place to go into details as to what a Goodyear welted constructed boot is but let’s just say it’s universally recognized as the very best method of construction.  It allows the best fit, comfort and longevity.

    We offer the full range of Loake boots from the 1880 and Shoemakers collections so do visit our website or the factory's to view the entire range.

  • Sussex shoe shops

    Finding really good quality Sussex shoe shops is not easy these days, especially if it is men’s shoes you are looking for. You can of course head up to London where there is a plethora of very fine men’s shoe shops in and around Jermyn Street and Regent Street in London’s West End. However like so many high street premises space is limited and shoe shops notoriously require very substantial stock space. As a result those expensive to run central London shoe shops tend to specialize in offering their customers the more expensive and higher margin products.

    Fortunately if you are searching Sussex shoe shops for men you can head for Bradshaw & Lloyd just north of Brighton with easy access via the A23 and A27. We offer a variety of famous quality shoe brands including Sanders, Barker, Trickers and Sebago but are particularly famous for being a Loake shoe specialist and offer one of the broadest selection of Loake shoes in the UK. In addition we offer an extensive range of our own Chelsea and chukka boots made entirely in England to our own design. Unlike so many shoe shops we stock all the styles on display in the full range of half sizes. And what a joy it is not to have to head for a town centre with all the time consuming inconvenience which that so often involves.

    So if you are researching Sussex shoe shops for yourself or a man in your life then do head for Bradshaw & Lloyd in the village of Hurstpierpoint, post code BN6 9PX.

  • Loake sale items

    At we offer an extensive range of Loake sale shoes at a significant discount. These are not seconds and are all in perfect condition. However they are styles which we no longer stock in all sizes and in order to clear space in our stock room we are happy to offer them at very attractive prices.
    Loake are at the forefront of men’s shoe fashion and therefore are regularly introducing exciting new styles. When a style is dropped we will also offer these styles to our customers at a discount in our Loake sale section should we have available stock.
    As with all our non-sale shoes we provide a free delivery service throughout the UK and a Freepost returns service should an item need to be returned so long of course that it remains as new and unworn.
    Due to its nature footwear is never accompanied with a written warranty as such but you can rest assured that if you were to experience any quality issues with any footwear from our Loake sale section the same assurances that cover non-sale items will apply. Loake want you to be a customer for life and to sing the praises of their footwear to all your friends.

  • The Barker Calder boot from Bradshaw & Lloyd

    At Bradshaw and Lloyd we do like the Barker Calder seven eyelet brogue country boot. All the great English shoemakers produce a version of this classic design but when it comes to quality and style the Barker Calder just ticks all the boxes. Some other versions of similar quality such as the Trickers Stow are of equal quality but just don’t look as appealing. Made on the Barker 460 last the fit is pretty regular but allows for a thicker sock for winter outings.
    Three leather options are offered in the Barker Calder: cedar calf, dark brown grain and cherry grain. We maintain stocks of the cedar and cherry in all half sizes and can source the dark brown from the factory as and when required. We also like the fact that Barker don’t play on their name to inflate their prices as some other well known brands have a tendency to do.
    As you would expect the Barker Calder is traditionally Goodyear welted around its entire circumference but also has a storm welt to help repel water. Fully leather lined throughout and with a substantial leather insole these boots are not only built to last but will prove a joy to wear. Do visit the Bradshaw & Lloyd store in Hurstpierpoint to try this superb boot or order online at

  • Dainite rubber soles

    All the great English shoemakers are using stud rubber soles in their footwear these days, the best known of which is Dainite.  It has long been known that the traditional method of shoe construction, known as Goodyear welting, is by far and away the best and it is nothing new that rubber soles have been used alongside leather.  However many traditionalists are still wary of rubber soled shoes.  The fact is that rubber soles made by the likes of Dainite are far harder wearing than even the tightest grained and oak bark tanned leather soles.  Additionally when leather soles do wear very thin water can begin to penetrate through the leather.  This is not an issue with rubber soles which maintain their weather proofing until a hole actually appears. Rubber soles also provide really good grip.

    What is important to the comfort and longevity of a shoe is that the foot should be encompassed in leather so that it can breathe.  It should also sit on a full leather insole which along with the cork filler between the insole and the sole will gradually mould to the shape of the foot to produce a glove-like fit. Although the soles may be of Dainite rubber the welt in the best shoes should always be made of leather.  Only a leather welt allows the repairer to re-sole the shoes on numerous occasions.

    At Bradshaw & Lloyd we offer a variety of shoes with Dainite rubber soles from Loake, Sanders and Trickers.

  • Shoe care kit

    Either from our shop in Hurstpierpoint high street or from our online store at you can obtain our unique travel shoe care kit. This kit comprises two superior quality horsehair brushes, one for applying polish and one for polishing. Also included are two tins of famous Kiwi wax polish, black and neutral + a shoe horn and polishing cloth. The leather zip-up bag itself is so nice we could sell it in its own right.
    Cleaning and polishing your shoes should be a pleasurable experience so we think it only right that the quality of your shoe cleaning materials should match the quality of your footwear. With the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe care kit you can be sure to have the right equipment near at hand to keep them in tip top condition. As an added incentive to source your shoes from Bradshaw & Lloyd we will include one of these shoe care kits for free with each pair of English made shoes – whatever the brand.

  • Veldtschoen

    Veldtschoen translated from Dutch literally means field shoe. It is a form of shoe construction devised for enhanced waterproofing during mainly country pursuits. Instead of the upper leather being folded underneath itself and stitched to the welt the upper lays on top of the welt and projects outwards on top of the visible welt so any water naturally falls away from the shoe. This certainly helps to repel water but the downside of Veldtschoen construction is that when a re-sole is required new holes are punched into the upper leather itself. This limits the number of re-soles that a Veldtschoen shoe can receive and so rather undermines one major purpose of goodyear welted construction where new holes are punched into the replaceable welt only and so can be repaired any number of times. For this reason expensive shoes and boots these days tend not to be of a Veldtschoen construction. If you work plenty of good quality wax polish into your goodyear welted shoes you can waterproof your them to a fairly high degree. 

  • Barker womens boots

    Still looking for that perfect Christmas present for your wife or girlfriend? We stock a huge range of beautifully designed and crafted Barker womens boots.  Their Chelsea boots in particular are totally gorgeous and since they can be worn with so many different outfits are sure to please.   We stock one of the largest collections of Barker womens boots in the south east so do pop into our Hurstpierpoint store or visit where we offer free delivery throughout the UK. We particularly like the Barker Violet which is available in: cedar calf, navy suede, castagnia suede, black calf and walnut calf.

    Barker womens boots are traditionally goodyear welted, ie made just like their men’s boots so will prove extraordinarily comfortable and of course are designed to be re-soled time and again.  Barker only use the finest leathers and suedes for their boots.

    At Bradshaw & Lloyd we have a 60 days returns policy.  If on opening on Christmas day they are not found to be quite right then you can simply return them via our Freepost returns service for an exchange of size or full refund.  But do please ensure they are tried on a carpet.   Our final posting day to ensure pre-Christmas delivery for your Barker womens boots is Thursday 20th December.

  • Does the Loake driving shoe make the perfect slipper?

    Are you looking for that perfect pair of slippers for the man in your life?  There are of course all the traditional furry and possibly rather tasteless slippers on the market but why should he have to compromise on style simply because he won’t be wearing his slippers out and about!  So we have identified some of the Loake brand of driving shoe as a stylish looking slipper which can be worn out whilst ticking all the requirements of a slipper in being soft, flexible and cosy.

    The core Loake slipper for the 2018/19 season is the Donington driving shoe which is available in the upper options of navy suede, tan suede and light blue suede.   With their stud rubber soles attached to the sock-like moccasin upper it is ok to pop outside in damp weather but we wouldn’t recommend this when the heavens open.

    In addition to the Loake Donington at we also have good stocks of the Loake Herbert and Thruxton driving shoes in our Loake sale.

  • Dainite

    Dainite rubber soles are used by most English footwear manufacturers.  The brand got its name during World War I when the factory worked day and night to keep up with demand for more waterproof footwear for the battlefields of northern France.   These natural rubber soles have hardly changed in 100 years.  They are the same thickness as a leather sole and can be stitched to a leather welt and from above they look no different from leather soled footwear.  But the great benefit of Dainite rubber is their durability, improved grip and the fact that however thin they wear they will continue to prevent water from getting through.DANITE RUBBER SOLE

    When your Dainite rubber soles eventually do wear through you can either return them to the factory in Northamptonshire where they will replace the entire sole and heel unit or you can take them to a good local shoe repairer.  If you go for the latter option do ensure they will be doing a goodyear welted repair and stitch to the welts.   We would always suggest that they do a half sole rather than replacing the entire sole unit.  This is because only the factory has the original lasts on which the shoes were made and using their lasts can mean that the shoe can lose shape.

    We offer a full repair service for our customer who work in central London where we provide a free collection and return service from your place of work.  Our price for a half Dainite rubber sole and re-heel is £58.  Visit for further details of our shoe repair service.

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