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  • Loake sale shoes

    The Loake factory are often updating their shoe styles. We are therefore able to offer a good selection of Loakes sale shoes at reduced prices. This eclectic selection of both boots and shoes are in perfect condition and are of course unworn. We provide a next day free delivery service throughout the mainland UK. So long as the shoes are carefully tried on a carpet you can of course return them for a full refund if not required. However you would be responsible for the return costs of Loakes sale shoes.


    If you are unsure of your shoe size and therefore selecting the correct Loakes sale shoes then do measure your feet as per these instructions. We shall do our best to suggest the best size and fitting for your feet.

  • Sussex mens shoe shops

    There is a severe lack of quality men’s shoe shops nationwide and Sussex is no different from the rest of the country. Those looking for a good pair of shoes often feel that a trip to London is the only solution. But who really wants a long train journey during an epidemic! Fortunately a possible solution lies in what we think is rather a gem. This is the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe shop in Hurstpierpoint, just north of Brighton and two minutes from the A23, a truly delightful Sussex mens shoe shop.


    We are a key Loake specialist store and stock one of the largest range of Loake styles in the entire country. In addition we have a good selection of Barker and Sebago shoes along with our rather special De Winter range of English hand made ankle boots.


    There’s lots of free parking in the village and why not visit one of our fabulous local pubs and maybe have a stroll on the delightful South Downs while you’re here.

  • Repairing Loakes shoes

    Loake provide a fine shoe repair service however you can lose your shoes for some weeks whilst the shoes move through the factory. Also Loake are only tooled up to offer what is known as a long sole repair. This is where the entire sole unit is replaced. This looks nice but is rather wasteful since you are replacing sole leather which never wears. It’s therefore rather more environmentally friendly, and also rather less invasive to the shoes, to perform a half sole repair. This is the repair whereby only the leather which hits the ground is replaced.

    The Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service:

    We will perform a half leather sole and re-heel repair using the very best oak bark leather soles for just £60 per pair. This is acknowledged in the industry as the hardest wearing type of sole leather. It’s tanned using the very traditional technique of steeping the leather in a natural oak bark stew and allowing the leather to take up the tannins over a very long period. This method of tanning is expensive but provides the most durable type of sole leather. Our prices includes our free UK nationwide courier collection and return service.

    Turnaround of repairs:

    We will usually return the repaired shoes to you within 7 working days of receipt. For further details of the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service along with our full price list please email

    Have your Loake shoes repaired by a competent professional.
  • Loake Bannister

    The Loake Bannister has been developed by Loake’s designers to offer a rather special trainer shoe. This isn’t a style which we would ordinarily be promoting to our discerning customers but an exception has to be made on this occasion. Made to the exacting standards that you would expect from this shoe maker. The Bannister is made with a choice of premium grade calf leather and suede leather uppers and crucially is fully leather lined. A good leather lining ensures comfort, breathability and durability.

    All four Loake Bannister trainers have the same Trainer sole. We feel that there is just enough white rubber contrasting with a darker shade of rubber in the sole profile to make the shoes rather stylish without being too eye-catching. There is just one calf leather version in a brown burnished calf whilst in suede/nubuck you can choose between.  These are: navy, chocolate brown and stone. The shoe fits true to size.

  • What are goodyear welted shoes?

    There are various forms of shoe construction, but goodyear welting is in our opinion the best.

    The name is confusing as the name goodyear suggests rubber, as per Goodyear rubber tyres. However the name comes from Charles Goodyear who in 1869 developed a machine for stitching the sole of a shoe to the welt without the need for laborious hand stitching.

    The welt provides the unique element of goodyear welting. The welt is a thin strip of leather which is stitched to the upper with one row of stitches whilst another row of stitches holds the sole onto the welt. This means that the sole can be replaced without making additional holes in the upper. Eventually the welt or parts of the welt may need replacing but this is relatively easy and inexpensive.

    There is another very useful aspect of goodyear welting which no other method offers. The gap inside the welt is filled with a cork based substance which gradually moulds to the wearer’s foot, offers insulation and some extra cushioning. The shoe therefore become very comfortable to wear.

    Other forms of shoe construction:

    Moccasin, veldtschoen and blake methods of construction are similar to one another in that the sole is stitched directly to the upper leather. This is a secure method of attachment however when a re-sole is required additional needle holes are made in the upper and so weaken it.
    These days glues have become very effective and a sole can be stuck successfully to the upper leather without the need for any stitching. However a re-sole is rarely very successful.

  • Sebago Dockside

    With the weather becoming absolutely glorious in England what better item of footwear is there for those lazy summer days than the Sebago Dockside? This unisex shoe has stood the test of time and hasn’t been out of fashion since it was first launched in the 1940’s.

    What sets the Sebago Dockside apart?

    Quite simply it’s the quality of materials and attention to detail along with that timeless styling that makes this shoe so very special. The shoe can be worn on almost any occasion. There has even been a black patent leather version in previous incarnations for black tie events. But in our opinion it is the unusual feature of the Sebago Dockside in that it seems to improve as it ages and weathers. It’s a thoroughly tough shoe and we have many a customer who will love the same pair for 10 years or more before they finally need replacing.


    Another very positive feature of the Dockside is that very little aftercare is required. The leathers used are so good that owners rarely use any leather feeds such as creams or polishes and yet the uppers just go on and on. Although Docksides are designed to get thoroughly wet in both fresh and sea water there is one crucial rule: never let damp Docksides near a heat source such as a radiator when drying. Instead let the shoes dry naturally in a well ventilated room, or outdoors.

  • The difference between chukka boots and desert boots.

    The chukka boot can be the go to choice of footwear for many of us. But what is the difference between a chukka and a desert boot? A desert boot is a chukka boot but a chukka boot may not necessarily be a desert boot.

    The difference:

    A chukka boot is essentially any low cut ankle boot with two or three pairs of eyelets. The difference between a chukka and a desert boots is that a desert boot tends to be lighter in weight. This is because it tends to be unlined and so has a floppier upper. However one essential component of all deserts boots is that they should have crepe rubber soles. Some might also suggest that a true desert boot should have a suede leather upper.


    The Sanders three eyelet Marvin is a classic desert boot as has a natural crepe rubber sole. It’s available in a number of delightful suede versions. These boots are goodyear welted which makes them fairly pricey but they can be repaired again and again. There are cheaper versions available such as the Loake Kalahari and Sahara. These have a cheaper stitched down rubber sole which isn’t as repairable. However since the sole isn’t crepe sole these aren’t desert boots in the very strictest sense. However natural crepe is relatively expensive so is rare to find on the high street.
    Do visit to view a very comprehensive range of chukka boots.

  • The Loake 1880 collection

    Along with the Shoemakers and Legacy collections the Loake 1880 collection differ from The Lifestyle, Design and L1 collections in that they are designated ‘Made in England’.

    What makes the 1880 collection different?

    The Shoemaker range are Loake’s bread and butter since they are made to a high quality and have always retailed at fairly competitive prices. The 1880 collection were introduced some years ago in order to offer a range of footwear at the next level which could compete in terms of quality with some of the more ‘upmarket’ brands. These would include, Cheaney, Crockett and Jones, Churches, Sanders and Tricker’s. What has given Loake the edge over these other brands is that some of the upper work is carried out in their overseas factory. This has facilitated them continuing with the proud Loake tradition of offering shoes at a reasonable prices. The Loake 1880 collection has therefore managed to attract a massive worldwide appeal for those who want a high quality shoe but are unwilling to pay over £400 per pair.


    Along with a determination not to forego quality of materials and craftsmanship Loake have invested heavily in great last shapes for the 1880 collection. The last shape is crucial to the look and fit of a shoe and in the form of the core city lasts such as Capital and Claridge and the country lasts Loake have designs which appeal to a very wide market.
    For further information on the Loake 1880 collection do contact

  • Sebago sale

    Discounted Sebago shoes

    We stock the widest selection of classic Sebago deck shoes of all Sebago outlets within the UK in our Sussex store. With all UK shoe shops presently closed we are offering a 10% discount in our Sebago sale for online orders. We also have a limited selection of discontinued lines at heavily discounted prices.

    Offer code

    Simply use discount code MCT274 during the checkout process and a 10% discount will be applied to all Sebago prices, including the already discounted lines.


    All sizes listed in our Sebago sale are available for immediate despatch. It's free delivery throught the UK.  Orders received by midday will be dispatched that day on a next day service. For further information email

  • Green suede boots

    Men’s green suede boots are not easy to find on the high street. However the Loake and Sanders factories have come up with four delightful designs when you wish to cut a bit of a dash:

    The Sanders Hitop boot:

    Steve McQueen first made the HiTop boot famous in the 1960’s when he was rarely seen without sporting a pair. Daniel Craig has now picked up the baton and is often seen in a pair both on and off screen. Sanders continue to make the boot to the very same spec as it was in the 1960’s but now also in these stunning green suede boots.

    Loake options:

    Loake have three distinctive green suede boots to choose from in their Summmer collection: the Sandown, Pimlico and Bedale. These three styles are traditionally Goodyear welted so you can be sure will be not only very comfortable but will last. Either boot would surely add something rather special to the wardrobe.

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