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  • Repairing Loake shoes.

    Repairing Loake shoes.

    One of the great benefits of goodyear welted shoes is that they are fully repairable. Most Loake shoes are goodyear welted and we are often asked about how best to go about repairing Loake shoes so let’s look at the various options.

    Rubber v leather soles:

    One key benefit of leather soles is that a thin stick-on rubber sole may be applied to the forepart. The rubber will provide enhanced traction and prevent the leather sole itself from degrading with wear. This can then easily be replaced at a heel bar in due course for little cost. Because rubber soles tend to have a tread, with lumps and bumps, adding a stick-on sole is not an option.
    When it comes to repairing Loake shoes and replacing the sole itself, whether rubber or leather, there are a couple of options. You can return the shoes to the Loake factory where they will be repaired on the original last and the entire sole unit replaced. This will set you back the best part of £100 but they will be returned to you looking like new shoes. The downside of returning the shoes to the factory is that you may lose them for six weeks whilst they work their way around the factory. Because of this you may prefer repairing Loake shoes by taking them to a reputable local cobbler. Here the repairer should perform a half sole replacement because he will be using his own lasts and you do not want your shoes to lose shape. The advantage of going this route is that it will be considerably cheaper and quicker than returning them to Loake.

    The Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service:

    Your other option when repairing Loake shoes is to return them to us. We would perform a half sole replacement for the reasons listed above. You can normally expect to receive them back within 10 days. Please refer to our website for further information.

  • Loake slippers

    Loake slippers

    Rather than traditional, often quite dated looking slippers Loake offer their own version in the form of the Donnington. These delightful Loake slippers are of a moccasin construction. This means that the upper leather is rather like a sock in that it wraps itself entirely around the foot. The sole is then in the form of a number of rubber pads which are securely anchored to the underside. The slippers are then fully leather lined. This makes for an extraordinarily comfortable slipperworn either with or without socks.


    These Loake slippers are available in four suede upper options: tan suede, green suede, navy suede and light blue suede. We also have a number of other options listed in our sale at reduced prices. The slippers are a medium wide F fitting and are available in European sizes from 40 to 47.

    Christmas ordering:

    Of course these Loake slippers can make the perfect Christmas present. We have a fairly relaxed returns policy so they can be returned before the end of January if you order before Christmas should a pair need to be returned for exchange or refund.

  • Loake Chatterley boot

    The Loake Chatterley boot for women

    Without doubt our most popular women’s boot is the Loake Chatterley. This boot has been around for some twenty years but some designs such as this become a classic and shouldn’t be altered.

    Why we like the Chatterley

    As you would expect from a boot coming out of Loake’s factory in Kettering this boot is traditionally goodyear welted. This means that it is made to the very same specification as its male counterpart, the Chatsworth. The crux of a goodyear welted boot is that it: offers support for the foot, will mould nicely to the wearer’s shape and can be repaired numerous times. Above all Loake do not scrimp on the quality of materials and the Loake Chatterley is made with fine quality leathers and without any synthetic materials. A foot must be allowed to breather and to this end leather beats all others alternatives in boot and shoe construction.


    The Loake Chatterley is presently available in an extensive array of upper options. There are two leather options and four suede options. All these have a stud rubber sole which allows very long lasting wear and excellent grip. We are pleased to offer our customer at all six versions of this stunning boot.

  • Loake Bedale

    Our best selling Loake boot

    The Loake Bedale boot is proving to be extraordinarily popular this autumn season. This is hardly surprising as it is not only the height of fashion but bearing in mind the quality of this brogue boot it’s very good value. Priced at under £270 the Loake Bedale is getting on for half the price of similar versions from the likes of Churches, Cheaney and Crockett and Jones.

    What we like:

    The Loake Bedale ticks all the boxes for us. This is a traditionally goodyear welted boot so can be repaired numerous times. The boot is made on the Pennine G fitting last which has a chunky look whilst offering a generous fit. No short cuts have been made in terms of quality with Loake selecting the best materials for the linings, uppers and soles. These boots are truly built to last.


    The Loake Bedale is presently available in seven versions so it’s no easy task choosing which one is for you. However if you are really going to test its winter capabilities we would suggest the smooth calf and grain leather versions over the suede alternatives. The all time favourite has always been the tan calf leather version which looks so good when worn with blue denim. However the dark brown waxed suede Bedale is nipping at its heels in terms of sales.

  • Trickers boots

    Trickers boots

    The RE Tricker factory in Northampton is one of England’s oldest boot makers, having been making footwear on this same site since 1829. Trickers boots are some of the finest produced anywhere in the world today. They’re certainly not the cheapest at just over £400 per pair. But bearing in mind these boots are really well constructed and built to last they actually represent very good value. They’re not the sort of boots which you throw away after 5 years of abuse. Some regular shoe care and the input of a competent shoe repairer from time to time there is no reason why these boots shouldn’t last 20+ years of hard wear.


    Trickers’ philosophy is to concentrate on the classic boot designs for which they have become world famous. And of these the derby 7 eyelet brogue ankle boot is their staple style. It’s the Trickers Stow and Malton styles which are most sort after. The boots are available in a number of upper leather and sole options to suit most tastes.


    At Bradshaw & Lloyd we are pleased to be able to offer the entire range of Trickers boots. Stock is sourced directly from the factory so availability is pretty good. You can expect to receive you order within the UK within a couple of days of placing your order. Should a pair need to be returned for a size change we provide a free secure returns service.

  • Barker Country shoes and boots

    Barker Country styles

    With the weather definitely turning autumnal now we are pleased to be offering a very extensive range of Barker Country footwear in our Hurstpierpoint store. Barker make these shoes and boots entirely in England to the very highest standard using the traditional goodyear welted method of construction. The great advantage of this method is that it leads to an extraordinarily comfortable fitted shoe or boot whilst being easily re-soled when necessary. These styles are built to last.


    From the Barker Country collection we stock the Nairn plain derby in both cherry and cedar grain in half size increments and can source the black calf version when required from the factory. We stock the brogue Westfield and Grassington in all the colour options. These two styles offer the choice between a leather sole and Dainite rubber.


    Your winter wardrobe would not be complete without a high ankle boot. We love the Barker Calder above all competing versions of this classic brogue boot. The cedar calf and cherry grain calf leather uppers just look stunning and the 460 last is a great toe shape and provides a really good regular fit.

    Do check out the Barker Country styles at out Hurstpierpoint store. We are open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.

  • Sussex shoe shops

    The best men’s shoe shop in Sussex.

    There are very few specialist men’s Sussex shoe shops, Bradshaw & Lloyd is the exception to the rule. With a significant portion of the business made up from online sales we are able to invest heavily in our central Sussex store on the northern fringes of Brighton. Unlike so many shops we offer a full size range in half size increments and will take the trouble to measure feet and ensure that you only walk away with a perfect fitting boot or shoe. We continuously monitor internet prices to ensure that we remain competitive with our online competitors at all times. And we will always endeavour to price match all non sale items. In fact our shop prices are invariably a little lower than our online prices for the simple reason that we don’t have the burden of carriage charges on these.


    Uniquely amongst other Sussex shoe shops we can rightfully claim to offer the widest selection of Loake, Barker and Sebago shoes outside of London. Also having specialized in these brands for 30 years we do have an unrivalled expertise. In addition to these well known brands we offer what we think are the finest ankle boots available in the UK. Sold under the De Winter brand name these high quality boots are made entirely in England to the very highest standard. Richard de Winter is Bradshaw & Lloyd’s founder and is very much in charge of day to day operations.


    If you’re looking for Sussex shoe shops you could hardly find one with easier access. The shop is within two minutes of the A23 just north of Brighton and there is plenty of free parking in the village. If you’re looking for quality men’s footwear do come and visit us, you won’t be disappointed.

  • The Sanders Hitop boot

    Hitop boot


    It’s well known fact that Steve McQueen, the actor, not the designer, was huge fan of the Hitop boot. He was invariably caught on camera wearing this tough but extraordinarily comfortable boot. It’s a lesser know fact that the very same boot is still in production and has a very loyal following. However this fact hasn’t been lost on the actor Daniel Craig, who has been spotted wearing the Hitop boot in a couple of Bond films and very frequently when off duty.


    One of England’s most respected shoe manufacturer’s is making the Hitop boot with the very same tooling and specification as it was made in the 1960’s. The very thick natural crepe sole is incredibly hard wearing and provides a springy effect when walking making the boot extraordinarily comfortable and pretty useful when stepping through puddles.


    Retailing at under £200 the Hitop boot is available in a range of stunning suede options. At we are pleased to offer the entire range of this delightful boot in all its variants

  • Sebago sale shoes

    Sebago sale shoes

    The Sebago shoe brand has worldwide credibility for producing some of the finest deck shoes in the world. They are also continuously introducing exciting new colour combinations. As a result we are able to offer an extensive range of discontinued Sebago sale shoes at discounted prices.


    As with all their shoes Sebago sale shoes are true to size. Therefore if you normally take for example a UK size 8 you can be pretty confident that a UK size 8 in Sebago deck shoes will fit you well. They are also easier to fit than most shoe styles since the rawhide laces go right around the heel. This means that the upper can be tightened to provide a good close fit.


    All the sizes of Sebago sale shoes listed at are available for immediate despatch. We provide a next day delivery service throughout the UK . Therefore so long as we receive your order by 1pm.

  • Sanders Diplomat shoes

    Sanders Diplomat collection


    The Sanders Diplomat collection is the premium grade range of shoes and boots from the famous Sanders factory.  Only the finest premium grade calf leathers and suedes are used in this collection. The footwear is handcrafted using only the goodyear welted method of construction. There are other, cheaper methods of shoe construction, but goodyear welting is generally regarded as the very best.  It provides good support for the foot and moulds nicely to the shape of the foot.  Also the shoe may be re-soled numerous times without degrading the upper leathers.


    The Sanders factory is owned by the Sanders family and has been hand crafting shoes on the same Rushden site in Northamptonshire since 1873.  The factory is presently run by Henry Sanders and his daughter Megan.


    Bradshaw and Lloyd offer the entire range of Sanders Diplomat shoes and boots.

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