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  • Coronavirus update at Bradshaw & Lloyd

    Coronavirus update at Bradshaw & Lloyd


    In line with all other shoe shops our Hurstpierpoint store is of course closed until further notice.  However we are so far managing to maintain the online side of the business at full capacity.  We are despatching shoes worldwide on a daily basis however there may be some delays on international deliveries due to reduced airline capacity.  Shoe stocks for the moment are healthy however in due course there may of course become supply issues.


    Almost all the very best leathers used in the English shoemaking industry in Northamptonshire are imported from Europe. Some of the main leather suppliers are the countries most effected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  These include, Portugal, Italy, France, Spain and Germany.  Production will continue at the factories in England for as long as possible but it is foreseeable that at some stage there will become supply issues.


    With everyone struggling at the moment we have decided to introduce a 10% discount on all brands of shoes listed on our website.  To obtain this please use coupon code MCT274. Please look after yourselves, loved ones and the community.  Together we shall get through this.

  • Coronavirus footwear

    Coronavirus footwear

    With so many of us working from home it has got us wondering at Bradshaw & Lloyd what might be the most suitable item of footwear to be worn when house-bound. We have narrowed the criteria to a shoe which ticks most boxes. It should above all be comfortable, easily pulled on and off and of course look stylish. With a plethora of styles to choose from it’s not easy but there is a style which does it for us: the Loake Nicholson.

    The Nicholson can be worn both outside and in since it has a rubber forepart let into the leather moccasin stitched soles. The shoe rather nicely offers the comfort characteristics of a slipper with the designer looks of a sophisticated moccasin. Crucially it’s fully leather lined so your feet can breathe and feel good whether worn with or without socks.

    We are offering the Loake Nicholson in the three latest suede options: polo, light brown and navy. If you’re quick you might even nab a pair from our sale in one of the outgoing suede options.

  • Sebago shoes in Sussex

    Sebago shoes

    Sebago certainly make some of the very best deck shoes however they are not that easy to find on the high street. Many yacht chandlers stock a fairly respectable range since the shoes are so very popular with the serious yachtsman. However if you live away from such establishments sourcing such shoes on the high street can be difficult.


    However if you live in Sussex help is at hand at Bradshaw and Lloyd. Our store in the village of Hurstpierpoint to the north of Brighton stocks a particularly impressive range of men’s Sebago shoes and a select range of women’s. The store is easily accessible just off the A23 and we are proud of maintaining good stocks in half size increments.

  • Loakes sale shoes from Bradshaw & Lloyd

    Loakes sale shoes

    At Bradshaw & Lloyd we offer an extensive selection of Loake sale shoes at discounted prices. This range of shoes and boots are in perfect condition and are not seconds. Loake offer seasonal variations in the extensive range of shoes which they offer in their five collections. When a style is refreshed we are able to offer the discontinued styles at substantially reduced prices. Simply visit our online store where you will be able to view available Loakes sale shoes in your size.

    Returns policy

    We provide free secure delivery throughout the UK on Loakes sale shoes. We would ask that you try the shoes on a carpet so that they remain in new condition should you decide to return them. You would be responsible for the return costs via a secure carrier. Should you decide to return a pair of Loakes sale shoes on their receipt we will immediately refund the money paid in full.

  • The Loake Aldwych is one of our absolute favourite Oxfords.

    If you’re only going to buy one pair of quality shoes then the Loake Aldwych is one we would thoroughly recommend. Like most shoemakers Loake use a number of different lasts shapes around which their shoes are made. The one used to determine the fit and shape of the Aldwych is the Capital last. This provides a very elegant, slightly tapered and chiselled toe whilst offer a good regular fit which is true to English sizing.

    Materials used:

    This shoe is from Loake’s premium 1880 collection so the quality is right up at the top of English shoemaking. Only premium grade full grain calf leather and suede uppers are used. These are traditionally goodyear welted (stitched) to the sole. Very sensibly the Loake Aldwych is available with either a leather sole or stud rubber sole. Purists tend to prefer a leather sole but there are considerable advantages to a rubber sole. These include enhanced wear and grip. Importantly Loake only use leather welts so whether you go for the rubber or leather option your shoe repairer will be able to re-sole eventually with ease.


    The Loake Aldwych is available in the following full grain calf leather options: black, mahogany and dark brown. For a more casual look there is dark brown suede and also polo suede.


    You can obtain all variants of the Loake Aldwych from either our store in Hurstpierpoint or online at

  • Loake shoes in Sussex

    Loake shoes in Sussex

    The Loake factory is producing some of the most popular traditionally made men’s shoes today but where can you find Loake shoes in Sussex? Of course there are websites where you can order Loake shoes but when you’re spending in the region of £200 per pair for shoes which can last decades it’s rather crucial to be able to try before you buy. And in order to be sure you are buying the right size you invariably need to try a half size either side of your regular size. Loake use over 36 different lasts and each last provides a slightly different fit.

    Bradshaw & Lloyd is a specialist Loake store

    Offering one of the largest fully stocked ranges of Loake shoes in the country Bradshaw & Lloyd is conveniently located on the border of East and West Sussex just off the A23. We are just outside Brighton so you don’t need to contend with city congestion and parking issues. Being a Loake specialist of course we offer their shoes in half size increments and will only let you walk out of the store with shoes which are properly fitted. So if you are looking for Loake shoes in Sussex do be sure to pay us a visit.

  • Barker shoes

    Our favourite Barker styles:

    There’s a small collection of Barker shoes which we simply love at around £235. From the Barker Professional Collection these five traditional styles offer every classic style of formal shoe that most men will ever require for their wardrobe. Although they are different in outwards appearance from one another they are all made on the 386 last. The 386 last combines a good generous width fitting with a very elegant shape. We recommend the Dainite rubber soled version of these shoes which is very hard wearing and provides great traction. These Barker shoes are made entirely in Barker’s UK factory at Earls Barton and are made using the traditional goodyear welted method of construction and use the very best leathers.


    The three eyelet derby March is available in both black calf and dark walnut calf.

    The five eyelet toecap Oxford Malvern is available in black, rosewood and dark walnut calf.

    The four eyelet derby toecap Morden is available in black, conker and espresso calf.

    The half brogue Mirfield is available in black, dark walnut and espresso calf.

    The five eyelet full brogue Malton is available in black, cedar, espresso and burnt oak suede.

    You can obtain all these Barker shoes from Bradshaw & Lloyd.

  • De Winter Boots


    Richard de Winter launched the first boot with his name on it in 2015 having spent 25 years working in the shoe industry. It was clear that quality boots bearing famous brand names were getting ludicrously expensive and getting beyond the reach of the man who wanted a high quality boot for everyday use. In working closely with the factories and selling directly to the public Richard realized that he could offer his customers the very highest quality boot at much more sensible prices.


    The entire range of De Winter boots are made entirely in England in Rushden, Northamptonshire. This area in the very centre of England has been at the heart of traditional shoemaking for centuries. The industry originally developed here because of the plentiful supply of water, leather, oak trees, skilled labour and good communication links. Today the skills required to make quality footwear are in the very blood of the population. Sons and daughters will still follow their parents into the industry where, unusually these days, it really is possible to secure a job for life.


    What makes De Winter boots so very different is the last on which they are made. The Hurst last is used to form the shape and fit of the entire collection. The resultant boot offers a very regular fit to suit most feet combined with an elegant toe shape which is not too long. You can return in years to come for another pair of these boots in the knowledge that they will fit you exactly the same as that first pair.


    De Winter boots are only available directly from the Bradshaw & Lloyd shop in Hurstpierpoint or from the online store at

  • Sanders boots


    The family run Sanders factory has been hand making boots in their factory in Rusdhen, Northamptonshire since the third quarter of the nineteenth century. Sanders boots are famous the world over for some of the very highest quality traditionally goodyear welted boots throughout the industry. Four generations on from when the two Sanders brothers first started making boots under the roof of one factory in 1873 the business remains in the hands of the Sanders family. Henry Sanders has been in charge for thirty years. Henry’s daughter Megan has recently joined the family business to take it on to the next generation.


    For many years the core business of Sanders footwear production was military wear where the requirement for durability was absolutely essential. The same goodyear welted production techniques are used in almost all Sanders boots. The finest leathers and materials are used across the board.


    Whether you are looking for a heavier country style boot or perhaps something a little more fashion conscious Sanders offer an extensive range of styles. All Sanders boots are available at and also from the shop in Hurstpierpoint.

  • Loake lasts

    What is a last?:

    The last is the plastic mould around which the shoe or boot is made. Loake lasts are no different from other factories’ lasts in that they are instrumental in both the fit and look of the footwear. However all shoemakers spend a considerable amount of time and effort in achieving the right last for particular footwear and they all protect their lasts very closely. Other than the materials used and the construction technique Loake lasts are the very essence of Loake footwear.

    Variety of lasts:

    Like most shoemakers there is a huge array of Loake lasts to choose from. Today there are in excess of 36 different lasts on which Loake shoes and boots are made. Each of these provides a different look depending upon the style of footwear which the designer is trying to achieve as well as in some cases a slightly different fit.

    Last fittings:

    A particular last may be made in the traditional English width fittings of E (narrow, F (medium wide), G (wide) and H (extra wide). Loake lasts are usually F or G fittings and styles will be made on either an F or G last. Occasionally Loake will make a shoe on one of their E or H fitting lasts, but these are fairly rare.
    Our recommendation:
    Our favourite Loake last is the Capital last on which most of Loake’s 1880 premium grade formal shoes are made. This last is an F fit and will suit most feet and has a really elegant toe shape.

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